EasiGlide WR-PT

MAX LOAD: 150kg
ENGINE: Brushless motors
POWER: 2400 W
TYRES: 19" Aluminium alloy rim
BATTERY: Samsung
MAX SPEED: 12 mph
CHARGING TIME: Approx 4-6 hours
RUN TIME: Approx 12
WARRANTY: 12 months
DIMENSIONS: 820 x 490 x 560 mm
PACKING DIMENSIONS: 860 x 520 x 660 mm 
EASIGLIDE back.png


Our EasiGlides are powered by 1 battery, matching the combined 2 batteries on a Segway X2.  The one battery can also match the estimated 8-12 miles that Segway quote with 2 batteries. 

Our batteries come equipped with a built in charging port, meaning you can charge them whilst they are unattached to the EasiGlide. This is excellent news for Tour operators! Once a battery is empty, you can remove it from the EasiGlide with 5 screws in under 60 secs, replace it with a fully charged battery and you are ready to go another 12 miles. 


To conquer rough roads , WR-PT is equipped with dual brushless motors, a new  customised gear box, providing 2400W power while ensuring a strong conversion rate of transmission to 94.7% .Its high quality materials and sophisticated design ensures the vehicle’s durability. Our EasiGlide is set up with a battery protection system, keeping the battery durable (12 miles), using the same battery as Tesla(18650), and keeping 80% performance even when the temperature is under zero degrees.