EasiGlide E-Scooters

The easiest way to move from A to B. Commute in style with the EasiGlide E-Scooter. The UK's Leading seller of E-Scooters. 

Used all over the world as an Eco friendly mode of transport, we are still slightly behind in the UK with legislation on using E-Scooters on public roads. BUT!! this is currently under review and its looking more and more likely the UK will pass the use of E-Scooters in public in 2020! Imagine...... Getting yourself ready for work, kissing your loved ones goodbye and hoping on your very own E-Scooter to commute to work. Ride to work, meetings, lunch dates, football training or even to the local shops and park/fold your E-Scooter up ready for the ride back home. You can ride up to 18 miles per charge, so plenty of juice to carry you around. 

Prices start from only £399!

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