To put it simply, We are more updated, cheaper, and have an excellent customer service ethic. 

Working as a Segway tour operator, we know only too well the challenges Segway impose. Mainly, the cost involved in repairing broken Segways aswell as the slow customer service. Spare parts are not easily available and again, very expensive. We pride ourselves on more intuitive machines that are cheaper to buy and repair.  All of our sales come with 12 months warranty and a loan machine whilst we take care of your repairs (in the unlikely event of an EasiGlider breaking)

After your 12 months warranty, We continue our excellent customer care with discounted spare parts to keep you on the go. 

Our EasiGlides are powered by 1 battery, matching the combined 2 batteries on a Segway X2.  The one battery can also match the estimated 8-12 miles that Segway quote with 2 batteries. 

Our batteries come equipped with a built in charging port, meaning you can charge them whilst they are unattached to the EasiGlide. This is excellent news for Tour operators! Once a battery is empty, you can remove it from the EasiGlide with 5 screws in under 60 secs, replace it with a fully charged battery and you are ready to go another 12 miles. 

EasiGlide WR-PT - £2,599

EasiGlide WR-PT (including spare battery) - £2,799

EasiGlide WR-PT (including golf attachment) - £2,699



Why not hire out our EasiGliders instead golf buggies? Our stylish, slick and simple machines will make your club stand out. With low impact tyres that have limited impact on the grass surface, they are perfect for golfers to use whilst enjoying their love of golf. Easy to ride, glide along the golf course in style, whilst our specially adapted golf attachment carries your clubs for you. We have great packages to suit your needs and we know that self balancing personal transport is the future. 

We are experienced in the Segway tour business, running 2 of our own tour companies. Our main issues with Segway was the customer service and the price of units as well as spare parts/repairs. We have brought EasiGliders that do what Segway do and more! More than double the battery life on one charge, less charging time, affordable spare parts, continuous customer service, quarter of the price, interchangeable boards and much much more. Our EasiGliders tackle off road with ease and are much more intuitive than Segways 


BATTERY - 12 miles (approx)

MAX LOAD - 23 stone

CHARGE TIME - 4-6 hours

COST - £2,599

BATTERY - 12 miles (approx)

MAX LOAD - 18 stone

CHARGE TIME - 6-8 hours

COST - £7,999

To conquer rough roads , EasiGlide is equipped with dual brushless motors, with a new customised gear box, providing 2400W power

Grip force increases 67.6%, max ride angel 35 degree, conquer off-road as plain

 Battery protection system,  to ensure the battery maintains durability, uses the same battery as Tesla(18650), and keeping  80% performance even when the temperature is under zero degrees.


New generation self-balance chipset system, more stable and more flexible, add screen mode and mobile Bluetooth mode.

Front LED light as far as 10 meter. Composite 19 inch monster wheel, protect you in darkness.

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